Poultry Greenhouse

Through networking with the industry, InCIP has managed to convince the Amiran Company to donate a chicken greenhouse.Poultry Greenhouse


InCIP is testing its utility in chicken production.


It was such a tremendous joy for the InCIP’s staff seeing the installation of the greenhouse right behind the InCIP indigenous chicken consortia.


The installation was done by the Amiran Company Ltd, who did it diligently and professionally.

The greenhouse is proving to be very useful especially for cold environment.

With this rate of success; we may be talking of a chicken greenhouse! Many will be perplexed wondering how can chicken be put in a greenhouse because, most of the farmers are used to tomato and horticulture greenhouses.

Well this is one different purposed greenhouse and we are pretty sure that it comes in handy with a large number of merits for the intended purpose.

A poultry greenhouse is a one advantageous thing that most of the poultry farmers should actually think to own one, either individually or as a community.

Poultry in GreenhouseThis is because the chicken greenhouse can primarily save on space, water and manpower.

It can effectively raise the labour productivity, reduce pollution from the manure and also reduce the infection of diseases on the chickens.

It cannot go without saying that the greenhouse provides a high rearing efficiency with convenient management of the poultry.



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